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If your FWD Mopar does not fit into our definition of a Shelby Dodge (see Rule #5), there are many other good FWD Mopar Mailing Lists available that may better suit your needs.

Forward Mopar Mailing List (FMML)

This mailing list is dedicated to increasing the performance of just about any FWD Mopar.

Every Extended K Cars (EEK!)

This mailing list is for cars based on the K-Car platform. This includes most front wheel drive Mopars made in the 1980's and early 90's.

TeamOmni Mailing List (TOML)

Team Omni is a mailing list for high performance L-Body cars (Omni, Charger, Horizon, Turismo, Duster, Rampage, Scamp, 024, TC3).

The R/T Mailing List

This list is for owners of cars with Chryslers Turbo III cars.

Neon Mailing List

This mailing list is the place for Neon owners.

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