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The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the SDML. Please check first here if you have any issues.

Q1. Help me! I am drowning in mail! Get me off of this mailing list!

Q2. I'm new to mailing lists. How do I post messages?

Q3. I am going to be out of town for a week, how do I turn off the mail while I'm gone?

Q4. I lost someone's e-mail address. How do I get in contact with them?

Q5. I have a message that I want to post but I'm not sure if it is on-topic. What can I do?

Q6. What e-mail addresses do I need to know to use the list?

Q7. When I post a message to the mailing list, I don't see it come back to me. I'm getting mailing list mail, so I know I' subscribed. What is going on?

Q8. How do I change to the digest list/How do I change to the interactive list?

Q9. My e-mail service was down for a while and I lost some Shelby Dodge mail, can you resend it to me?

Q10. When I try and send a message to the list it tells me I am not subscribed. Why?

SDML Administrator