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The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about using the SDML.

Q1. Help me! I am drowning in mail! Get me off of this mailing list!

Login to the configuration page. You'll be able to make all of the settings changes necessary to modify your account, including unsubscribing

Q2. I'm new to mailing lists. How do I post messages?

Before posting a message to the SDML, please make yourself familiar with the mailing list rules. They are strictly enforced!

Once you are a subscribed member of the SDML, you have unmoderated access to post messages. Address your e-mail to and a copy will be directed to every SDML member.

Make sure that the e-mail address you are sending from is the same one you posted with.

Q3. I am going to be out of town for a week, how do I turn off the mail while I'm gone?

What you are looking to do is set your membership status to nomail. This means that you will remain on the membership list, but the list server will not send you any mail.

Login to the configuration page. You can change your status to nomail.

Q4. I lost someone's e-mail address. How do I get in contact with them?

A person's e-mail address is personal information much like their telephone number or home address. The list administrator will not give out a member's e-mail address to anyone. If you need to reach someone on the list and you do not know their address, please send the list administrator, Bill Yohman, an e-mail containing the name of the person you are trying to contact and the message you have for them. He will then forward your message to them.

REMEMBER, posting an e-mail to the SDML to get another members e-mail address is a violation of SDML Rule #5 and you will receive a suspension.

Q5. I have a message that I want to post but I'm not sure if it is on-topic. What can I do?

All SDML Messages must be "on-topic" as defined in Rule #5 on the Mailing List Rules Page. Some messages may be off-topic yet still be suitable for the SDML. If you are unsure if your mailing list message will qualify as being on-topic, you are strongly encouraged to have your e-mail pre-approved by the mailing list administration. Doing this will avoid a suspension if the mailing list administration finds your message inappropriate for the SDML.

To have a message for the SDML pre-approved, DO NOT send it to the mailing list posting address. Instead, compose your e-mail exactly as you want it to appear on the SDML and e-mail it to

After e-mailing your message to the approval address, someone will receive your message and review its appropriateness for the SDML. If your message is approved, the approver will forward it to the mailing list and you will receive a reply stating that it has been approved. If your message is rejected, you will receive a message stating that it was rejected. The approver is NOT obligated to justify his decision for rejecting your message.

REMEMBER: If your message is approved, the approver will forward it to the list for you. Do not send it to the list yourself, otherwise your message will be posted twice.

Q6. What e-mail addresses do I need to know to use the list?

You only need to be aware of ONE e-mail address:

This address is for POSTING TO THE MAILING LIST ONLY. Anything you send here will be echoed to everybody else on the mailing list. In order to be able to have your messages echoed to everyone else, you must be a member of the mailing list.

Q7. When I post a message to the mailing list, I don't see it come back to me. I am getting mailing list mail, so I know I am subscribed. What is going on?

You are correct in assuming that if a message of yours is successfully posted to the mailing list that it should come back if you are on the interactive list. If you are on the digest list, you should see it in the next digest.

You are incorrect in assuming that your post to the list should go through with out a hitch. The reason for this is that your service provider may have changed your e-mail address without you realizing it. Here is an example. John Doe subscribes to the mailing list with the address Then without notice and without John knowing about it, John's email address changes to John will still get e-mail from the mailing list because his service provider is still resolving his old address. But when John goes to post to the mailing list, the list server rejects it because is not in the membership list.

Login to the configuration page. Now check your settings to ensure you've enable echoing messages to yourself.

Are you removing the SDML footer when you reply to a message? Because it contains a taboo word, if you leave the footer in the message, it will NOT make it to the list.

Q8. How do I change to the digest list/How do I change to the interactive list?

Login to the configuration page. Change your option to the correct list.

Q9. My e-mail service was down for a while and I lost some Shelby Dodge mail, can you resend it to me?

It's available on the web. See SDML Archives.

Q10. When I try and send a message to the list it tells me I am not subscribed. Why?

E-mails don't always reach the recipient. If your ISP disables your user account, if your e-mail account has grown over its size quota, or if your ISP has network problems, a bounced message will be returned to anyone trying to send you an e-mail. This includes the mailing list.

Any member whose e-mail address bounces messages sent from the mailing list may be unsubscribed. The list administrator checks to see which members are bouncing messages several times a week. Those members who are bouncing message at the time of the check will be unsubscribed. If you ever notice an abnormal interruption in the flow of mailing list messages, you may have been unsubscribed for this reason. Just resubscribe to the mailing list.

It may also be a good idea to ask the administrator what bounced messages he was receiving. This may help you to fix the issue.

SDML Administrator