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If you own a Shelby Dodge related business and you would like to support the SDML, please consider advertising on our site. Since October of 1998 we have had over 490,000 hits and 100,000 sessions. These numbers have been growing at over 15% per year. Please contact us if you feel advertising on the SDML Web Site will meet your needs.


As always the Shelby Dodge Mailing List (SDML) appreciates your support. To help pay for our web site, list host fees, and program development we would appreciate any donation that you can spare. This is a community effort and your support is always appreciated. If you can't spare anything, don't worry, the SDML is not going anywhere. Please keep posting your great questions and answers and we be here to provide the forum.

In order to make it convenient for everyone, I have opened a PayPal account that allows me to accept your donation with minimal hassle. If you have not registered with PayPal you will be able to do so after selecting you donation amount and clicking the donate button.

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