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Use the following guidelines when buying or selling anything on the SDML.

If you are selling something, the subject will begin with FOR SALE: or FS: with a description of what you are selling after. If the item is posted at an auction, the subject will begin with FOR AUCTION: or FA:. If you are looking for something then the subject will begin with WANTED: or WTB:

If you do post an auction item, it must contain a live link to the item. This helps those who are interested while giving you maximum exposure for your item. The best way to accomplish this is to go to the Ebay auction page, copy the long URL (highlight and press <CTRL-C>), visit, paste (<CTRL-P>) the long URL into the box, now copy the tiny URL and include it with your message to the SMDL.

If you would like to know who has been nominated for Bad Guy or Good guy status you can search the archives. For Bad Guys search for the phrase "warning" (without the quotes) and for Good Guys search for the phrase "notice."


  • If you accept an offer it is a legally binding contract. Don't ask for everyone to send their money and then accept the one that arrives first. Don't back out of an offer you accepted because someone offered more money. After posting a For Sale message, it would be better to wait a few days before committing to the first offer if you are unsure of who you want to sell to.
  • Don't post items you don't intend to sell.
  • Provide an e-mail address and location of parts in body of your message.
  • Ship promptly.
  • When shipping COD, ask if the delivery person will accept a check from the buyer. If they will, ask if there is a way to not let the delivery person accept a check.
  • Get the buyers phone number in case someone's e-mail gets cut off.


  • When replying to a For Sale message, don't respond to the whole list. Contact the seller directly.
  • Ask for references if you are skeptical.
  • Pay promptly.
  • Ask for COD if possible.
  • Provide an e-mail address in the body of your message.
  • Get the sellers phone number in case someone's e-mail gets cut off.

Good Guy/Bad Guy Procedures

If someone has given you great service and you would like to recognize them or you believe the service was NOT what was promised, you can nominate someone as a Good Guy or Bad Guy. Please follow the procedures below to nominate someone:

  1. Subject must include either GG or BG depending on the nature of your message.
  2. Any person who would like to do this MUST follow the Selling/Buying guidelines as posted on the web site.
  3. Outline the specifics of your complaint without going into unnecessary detail or name calling.
  4. Forward these messages to the List Administrator for approval.
  5. Once your message is approved, I will post it to the list for you.
  6. If you are the target a Bad Guy recommendation, send your response to me and I will post it to the list.
  7. If you don't follow these rules, your message will be deemed off-topic and you will receive the appropriate warning.

As a side note, if you have been the victim of fraud by ANYONE and the transaction took place via the US Postal Service, please contact your local Postmaster. They take these complaints very seriously and will give you a tremendous amount of help in resolving your issues.

Have additional guidelines you think should be added to the list? Contact the SDML Administrator.

SDML Administrator